My Blogtober 2017 challenge

Picking my battles

I’m on Twitter pretty regularly which can sometimes be hazardous to my health.  That said, this year has taught me to pick my battles.  If I get angry about everything I’ll have high blood pressure, my depression will spike and I won’t be productive. Learning to pick my battles is hard for me, but a lesson that I need to learn in order to get on in this life. It’s not just a saying we use, but I believe we all need to take it as a rule for life.

Along with picking my battles I’ve learned that I need to pick my projects. I began career coaching in 2015 and don’t feel like I’ve moved forward as quickly as I should have. So, this year I vowed that I would begin freelancing to build my client base. I managed to accomplish the first step in September by creating a Fiverr account. I am terrified, but it’s a step I need to take in order for my life to change.

The second thing took a slightly different direction that I had imagined and that was the podcast. Beginning Theatre Geeks Anonymous this year has taught me so much.  You can read about our journey from idea to fruition here on the blog.  After my coaching I had an idea for a vlog that I may do some day, but for now TGA is a great way for me to get my feet wet and it has been a great deal of fun to research.  I love the theatre so much and every time I get to work on a new story, this theatre kid is back in high school geeking out over cast recordings and the fact that she lives where the sausage is made.

The third thing is that this year has brought out my activist side. A couple of months ago I let Spotify choose music for me and came across a song I had never heard before. That song evolved an idea I had into an event that is happening in January at The Duplex Cabaret Theatre. I am in the throws of producing which is a dream of mine. I can say I did not expect this year to take so many positive twists and turns.

Hmm…what am I missing…Oh! The blog!

So, why is this post called Blogtober? Blogtober is a challenge for bloggers to blog daily in October.  Yes, all 31 days. Listen, I know myself.  That is never going to happen but, I know that I can challenge myself to at least blog once per week. I have severely neglected my blog. I was shocked to see that my last post was in July. When I saw the hashtag #blogtober on Twitter I thought this was the perfect opportunity to catch up. I would love to share with you the details of the cabaret I’m producing for January and how building a client base on Fiverr is coming along.

If you don’t see me posting weekly, yell at me on Twitter, Instagram, email or here.

For details on my podcast and the event in January you can go to my new Current Projects page on this website.

If you are participating in Blogtober, let me know how you are challenging yourself.

To The Revolution!



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