Making A Podcast: The Good, The Bad & The Vampires

“Ideas are driven by a single impulse: to be made manifest.”  – Elizabeth Gilbert

What should we talk about?

I was late as usual to meet my friend. I get to the coffee shop and she’s already there with her Iced Green tea and I yell, “Hello!” and run into the shop to get my drink before we hop on the train. About thirty seconds in we’re talking about what shows I had seen that weekend because there are three things in this world I can’t live without. These things are God, my family and the theater.  I love my friends but I become cranky and mean if I don’t have my regular fix of the gym and theater, so a lot of them are my dealers or join me on my binges.

On Saturday I had seen Sunset Blvd. We talked about how my sister and I had loved to Mystery Science Theatre 3000 the film versions of Sunset Boulevard and Rebecca. We spent a majority of that day talking about being Theatre Geeks all of our lives and how if kid Ebony and kid Pamela had lived in the same town, we would’ve been friends. By lunch we had both discovered we had been dreaming of starting a podcast.

I’m overwhelmed

The following Saturday we had our first production meeting.  We named the show Theatre Geeks Anonymous, because that’s what we are. The list of things to do was so long we weren’t sure we’d get it accomplished. We had decided to do a podcast about Broadway flops, scandals and new work.  Research.  I was drowning in research.  Why was I doing this to myself when I was the one who said, “Let’s just have fun with it and speculate, but not drown ourselves in research.”  Why am I a lying liar that lies!  I can’t even follow my own directions!

Social Media is the WORST!

This new fangled social media stuff is confusing! I’ve been on Twitter since 2010 and although I love it, I’m no Lin-Manuel Miranda with his excellent engagement skills and 1.5 million followers. I hate Facebook so Pamela took that aspect of our SM over so I don’t have to look at it, which is wonderful! But I’m taking classes to figure out how to use this stuff because it wasn’t around when I was a kid.  In my day we had to call our friends.

Watch Out! The Vampires are coming!!!

The second I leave a production meeting I feel like crap.  Why is it that when we finish creating something we are excited about, that those stupid Vampire voices show up to try and ruin everything?  They want to suck all the creative marrow out of my body and turn me into a limp sad shell of a person with no passion, drive or excitement about her life. To them I say, “Die you blood-sucking parasites from HELL!!”  Today we start recording our first episodes and all week I’ve been depressed.  This is what happens when you take on something new. Every time I hear Karen Kilgariff of “My Favorite Murder” podcast fame, talk about her self-hatred and issues with not believing anything good will happen, I am like, “Girl! I hear you!”

I’m doing it anyway!

After some expletives thrown at the Vampire voices, I got them quiet enough to get the research done and record our first episode! Stay tuned to find out how that went…








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