Who’s Behind The Photo?

I Can Do That

Since I was in college I have wanted to produce. Producing always seemed like a daunting task bigger than I could comprehend.  In order to squelch my fears the goal for many years had been to work in a production company so that I could learn the ropes. The opportunity to work in a theatrical production company never came. I’m in my 30’s and waiting for this “green light” …these imaginary people to teach me how to do something that’s been in my heart to do for so long no longer seems reasonable nor makes sense. We live in this world now where, yeah, there are still a handful of “gatekeepers” but their power to choose what the people see is dwindling because the people are making the stuff they want to see.  So, I thought about it and as a good friend once said to me, “Why not you?”

Inspiration, Anger and Nothing to Lose

Why now you ask? After all of these years? That dream that once seemed so terrifying seems a little less so when you’ve been through all I have since I first wanted to produce. I am surrounded by people making things, writing things. My amazing circle of friends is a group of people who inspire me daily.  They inspire me to face my fears and do it anyway.  They inspire me to action.  What good is being inspired if you don’t act? In a year where I have felt helpless, angry, frustrated, flabbergasted and flummoxed I have also taken all of those feelings and funneled them into positive action. You’re wondering how producing works into being flabbergasted, right? In the spring I had played with the idea of doing a benefit reading of a play to fund a few not-for-profit organizations. Unfortunately it had stopped at “thinking” which is pretty common for me. I’ve also realized that the risk is much smaller than what you lose when you don’t pursue what is in your heart.

Random Black Girl

One day I was listening to my musical theatre Spotify playlist and Spotify suggested a song sung by Patina Miller that I had never heard. The song was called, “Random Black Girl” and I was like, “THAT’S ME!! I’M A RANDOM BLACK GIRL! Also, why have none of my friends told me this song exists?!” The song centers around a black woman working in the theatre and all that she encounters just “living while black.” The song transcends occupations and spoke to me as woman who is “living while black”. I sent the song to my roommate and she said, “It would be so cool if someone did a cabaret centered around this idea of being typecast.” And that was it. A lightbulb went off and I had found my purpose for producing.

A Concert Is Born

January 21, 2018 will mark my producing debut at The Duplex Cabaret Theatre. Typecast is a benefit concert featuring stories of how one’s identity is more than their outside shell. We invite you to come look beyond the photo to hear stories from individuals who have encountered all manor of prejudices and how they fought and continue to fight them. All proceeds from this concert will go to two organizations that are working hard to provide a voice to the voiceless and cultivating wisdom and love in those with hate and ignorance in their hearts. My hope is that we are able to provide Life After Hate and Drama Club with the opportunity to keep their doors open and continue their incredible work.

Two years ago when I worked with my Career Coach Michelle Ward and we found out that the things I most care about are “art with a purpose” and “telling real stories of real people”I had no idea that my first time producing would be so in line with the missions statement here on my business website. It just goes to show you that if something is deep in your heart you can’t run from it.  It will come out eventually.  Just make sure the way it comes out is a benefit to the world.

To The Revolution!