A Random Black Girl Story:

There once was a little girl named Ebony who loved true stories. She loved to watch Unsolved Mysteries and listen to the wisdom of her elders. Tales of loved ones who were lost being found and wrongs against the weak being righted were her particular favorites. So when she grew up and went to college she decided to major in Psychology and Communications. Both subjects intrigued her because not only did she love true stories, but she was also interested in learning why we make the decisions we make. 

In 2015 she went through a transformation when she spent time with her Fairy God-Mother ( also known as The When I Grow Up Coach) Michelle Ward. Michelle taught her how to go for what she wanted and be unapologetic in her pursuit of joy in her work. She helped Ebony begin a path towards the creation of a life built upon the desire to serve and love others through her art.

In a world that destroys old ones to build new regimes. Where stories of those who have fought and struggled get tossed aside by re-gentrifying and dismissing; Ebony Vines is making it her life’s work to ensure that those whose voices aren’t heard or faces seen enough will no longer be ignored. She uses the power of storytelling through writing, directing and producing to tell new stories.

The little girl who loved true stories has used her powers of teaching and directing to empower other children who come from underprivileged communities to harness their own voices. Ebony writes, directs and produces work to encourage and create a platform for others like herself who have felt voiceless. She creates stages to amplify the talents of those who have felt insignificant or were told that what they had to say and that their art didn’t matter.

Your voice matters. You love matters. Your art matters.

To partner with Ebony you can use the contact form provided. She’d love to get to know you, your company and hear about the stories you want to tell.

“Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story?” – Hamilton: An American Musical


NYU – YellowBrick

August 2021 – Present

INSTRUCTOR: Various Industry Professionals

The Commercial Theater Institute’s 14-week Producing Intensive

January 2020 – May 2020

INSTRUCTOR: Various Industry Professionals.

The Barrow Group – Playwrighting

September 2015 – December 2015

INSTRUCTOR: Arlene Hutton

Nyack College – Bachelor’s of Science

Mindflock – Choreography

November 2019

INSTRUCTOR: Alexandra Beller & Ivan Talijancic

HB Studio – Theatrical Directing

June 2018 – August 2018

INSTRUCTOR: Austin Pendleton



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