Making A Podcast: Finding Our Audience

“If you hear my idea but don’t believe it, that’s not your fault; it’s mine. If you see my new product but don’t buy it, that’s my failure, not yours. If you attend my presentation and you’re bored, that’s my fault too.”- excerpt from Seth Godin’s book “Tribes”

The Land of Misfit Toys

A pseudonym I love to use for New York City is “The Land of Misfit Toys”.  I got it from an episode of the television show “Bones”.  This title resonates with me so deeply.  New York City is the only place I have ever felt at home. I grew up in Maryland and even at three years of age I would dream of getting on my tricycle and leaving. When I was a teenager my siblings and I began watching this cartoon called “Hey Arnold!” The show centers around this young kid who has lost both of his parents and is being raised by his Grandparents in New York City. We LOVED this show! Arnold was constantly being made fun of, his best friend was a black kid who also didn’t fit in named Gerald. “Fitting in” never seemed to be Arnold’s main concern. He had a good head on his shoulders and a depth that most kids his age didn’t have, so in my opinion, that’s why they didn’t understand him.  Their inability to understand him never detoured him from being 100% himself.  I feel that I have begun to understand what I want in life and who I am over the last four years since I returned home to New York.

Where are my people?

Returning to New York was a big turning point in my life because I had to create an entirely new circle of people with whom to surround myself. Creating the Theatre Geeks Anonymous podcast is an extension of these friendships. Pamela and I became friends because of our faith and then started a podcast because of our obsession with the theater. So, now we want to make even more friends who are just as obsessed with the theater. The social media landscape is so wide that we need to create more spaces for theater geeks like us to congregate.  This means that we are going to create a Private Facebook Group and reach out to potential theater friends on platforms like Broadway World and Talkin Broadway.  Also, this month I was featured in my company’s #SideHustle blog and on their Instagram stories feed about making a podcast. While we have made connections through Twitter, my personal Instagram and our Facebook page we have much more work to do. Finding an audience is just making new friends to me. It’s exciting and I have enjoyed connecting with the other misfit toys.  I can’t wait to meet even more! If you love our podcast, please rate, review and subscribe on iTunes.  If you know anyone who would enjoy it, we would love it if you would share it and you can connect with us on Facebook  or  follow us on Twitter and Soundcloud.

Until next time…Happy Listening!!  Ebony