Happy Colleagues

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“Don’t let Ebony’s meticulous administrative skills fool you. Alongside her masterful color-coding, chart-making, and scheduling is immense spontaneity, curiosity, humility, and openness to her collaborators. Once in a creative space, these forces combine and allow everyone to breathe, laugh, and discover together.”- Madeline A. Benson – Broadway Music Director “Typecast: A Benefit Concert” January 2018 at The Duplex Cabaret Theater, NYC

“Ebony has an extraordinary ability in walking the fine line of producing and being a creative support/voice for the artist.  It was so refreshing to work with a producer who not only believes in your work, but will do her utmost to bring your vision to life and showcase it in the most creative and fruitful way for all involved.  Can’t say more about this bright light in our industry.” – Maria Baratta, Off-Broadway Actress/Writer – “Women’s Cycle Showcase” July 2019 at The Cell Theater, NYC

“Having Ebony as the creator and producer of the showcase I was a part of made my steps possible and clear, giving my art an opportunity to shine in the heart of NYC!” Michele Struss – Fine Artist “The Women’s Cycle Showcase” July 2019 at The Cell Theater, NYC

“Ebony, from start to finish, was totally and completely invested. She was passionate, and that translated to an incredibly successful benefit performance!” Pamela Shandrow, Actress/Podcast Co-Host “Typecast: A Benefit Concert” and “Theatre Geeks Anonymous Podcast”

EV during shoot“Working with Ebony for many years I found her most valuable contributions to be; her laugh, organization and smile!” – Ian Evans – C.A.S.T Leader for The Salvation Army Northeast Territory in Creative Arts Ministries, West Nyack, NY

“Ebony is a masterful mover and shaker. Quite simply she gets things DONE. She commits to a project and gives it her all; her follow through, presence and dedication to excellence make her an invaluable collaborator.”  – Sara Benjamin-Gilman Actress/Writer/Director “The Women’s Cycle” July 2019, The Cell Theater, NYC