Making A Podcast: It’s Alive!

Gene It's Alive

The Beginning is Near

It is 2am on Monday. I’m sitting on my couch sweating because the laptop I’ve been working on for so long is burning my legs. It’s overworked, I’m overworked. It has a fan, I have a fan. We are both still overheated and only half way though. There are hours of more work to do and I have a 9-6 job that I have to go to in a few hours. As I have been working on so many side projects, the importance of me having a deadline has become very clear.  Websites like .Inc, Fast Company and The Science of Us all say variations on this, deadlines are the only reason people get anything done. Pamela and I had a deadline to have six episodes up on iTunes no later than Wednesday, June 7 – the week of the Tony awards. Most of you know the uphill climb we had with technical issues. We have ourselves four months and could’ve uses another two or more with all the tech issues. Because of our technical issues, many of the episodes need a lot of work in their edits. When we chose the date we thought we had given ourselves too much time.

T]he human brain has a bizarrely optimistic slant when it comes to estimating how long things will take to do, and invariably underestimates.  – Dean Burnett article from The Guardian

Learning Curve

Theatre Geeks Anonymous eventually went up at some unknown hour of the morning on Tuesday, June 6.  A lot of sleepless nights, stress and prayer went in to getting our podcast up that morning. I can tell you though honestly, I would do it all over again in a second.  Not only that, but if I could make it my job to just do that and write I would be so happy! But, now we are trying to figure out how to find our audience. More research and business education will go into a social media marketing strategy.  It is our duty to find the people who have been waiting for a podcast like ours.  The people like Pamela and I who love the theatre and want to know everything there is to know about it.  I look forward to meeting those people.  If you happen to be one of them, check us out on iTunes and Soundcloud!  You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter.  If you aren’t a theatre lover but no someone who is, please share this blog post and all of the ways they can listen to us or talk to us.

I hope that whatever you are doing gives you joy no matter how late it keeps you up or how stressful it can sometimes be.