Making A Podcast: Are we Ready?

 Quick Quick Slow…Quick Quick Slow

With all of the recording sound issues we’ve had (and still have) the date to post came quicker than we thought. When Pamela and I first announced we were doing this, June felt like light years away.  Here I am, typing this blog post on June 1st and I’m not finished editing the episodes we need to upload into Soundcloud and iTunes.

Rule 1: Do not underestimate how long it will take.

When we began thinking and planning this in February, we had no idea the roadblocks that we would encounter. Pamela and I couldn’t be more grateful that we gave ourselves multiple months to record. There are episodes we had to re-record and ideas that had to be thrown out altogether.

Rule 2: Ask for help

When we came up against the roadblocks we had to learn to ask for help. Unfortunately we had to learn the hard way. Learn from us and get help at the outset. There are still more things for us to learn and make better, but that will come.

Done is better than perfect? But is it?

Rule 3: Do the best you can and get it out there. Don’t wait until it’s perfect or it will never happen.

This third rule has stopped me from doing many things. It is a battle I continue to fight. Our first episodes won’t sound perfect. There will be audio problems that we haven’t figured out how to fix yet, but that’s the way it goes. Nonetheless we are excited and proud of what we have done so far. We just hope we find our tribe and that they will stick with us as we learn to make our episodes sound better and hone our story-telling skills. We hope you will join us!

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Coming to iTunes next week!  Follow us on Twitter @TGABWAY or on Facebook at Theatre Geeks Anonymous! We will announce when we are on iTunes on both social media platforms.


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