Making A Podcast: Oh the Mistakes You’ll Make!

“Remember Why You Started. Don’t Give Up, Find A Way”

– Unknown


Sound. Turns out you need sound to have a podcast. See, we forgot this was our first rodeo when it comes to podcasting and we thought we had it in the bag.  Well…we didn’t. After recording two episodes for our focus group to review, we realized while in the editing stages, that the sound was horrible! And why do you ask were are episodes nigh unlistenable? Because we had failed to check Audacity to see that it was picking up both microphones. Well, we didn’t research Audacity enough to know that it was not programmed to record more than one person.

Figuring out how to remedy the situation on our own was stressful. So, during an evening where I could feel Pamela melting down through text message as we realized our solution wasn’t working, I made a choice. The first step to fixing a problem when you don’t know what you’re doing, is admitting that you don’t know what you’re doing. So I said we didn’t know what we were doing and needed to talk to someone who did. Enter – Friends. We told a filmmaker friend how we were failing, he took the time to give Pamela a call and now WE HAVE TWO EPISODES RECORDED THAT SOUND LIKE SOMETHING! Now Annie and Kelly are safely tucked into their YouTube beds for our focus group to partake and rate.

The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow

Recording these two episodes even after we spoke to the friend who knew how to remedy the problem still wasn’t smooth. We hadn’t made sure that Pamela had enough space on her computer so Garageband kept stopping in the middle of us recording. It took a big chunk of time to fix this problem. In the end, recording two episodes that are both under an hour took four hours. I was discouraged when we left that night. I was really really down. It felt like all electronics and computer programs were against us. It felt like there was something in the world that was damming me to a life of mediocrity and depression by bludgeoning the joy out of everything I try to create. But really, if I am being lucid, we should have checked Audacity and Garageband. That’s it. Simple. Life is trial and error. This wasn’t one of those times that God was allowing Satan to test me. It was just my lack of knowledge and me anticipating that there will be a learning curve and mistakes will be made. We will make more. I am trying to understand iTunes and Stitcher to get ready for launch, but I don’t. I will mess up. It is inevitable, but this time I’m going to ask for help first instead of always trying to be Miss Independent.

So, go, make your stuff.  But don’t forget to ask for help when you are doing something you have never done before. You need others to come along side of you in order to start a revolution.

To The Revolution!



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