Rocks, Trees and Mountains

What are men compared to rocks and mountains?

Earlier this month a couple of friends and I left the city. We went to this adorable house in Sharon, Connecticut that I went to with a dear friend last year.  While there this time, we worked on creating.  I wrote blogs, finished a client’s web copy and started working on organizing my projects as I referred to in my previous post. We relaxed,  cooked, ate delicious food,  watched Jane Austen movies, sat by the fire and listened to the rushing stream behind our tiny home in the woods.  You don’t NEED to get away to do your art.  In fact, you can’t wait for weekends like this to finish your work.  I’ll tell you right now, although I completed much of what I had wanted to, my list was not 100% complete.  Also, it’s not practical. But one of the most important unplanned lessons I learned on this weekend away was that I need to really map out the life I want.  This time away made me insanely jealous for a time when I can be free to focus on my work.  I long for the days of writing about things I am excited about full-time.  I am desperate for a time when I can just focus on what I love 100% of the time instead of 20-30% because I have to continue with a bridge job.  I wake up many mornings struggling to get out of bed.  I confess I have not mastered the idea of my bridge job funding my dream and loving it for that reason.  I am still working through that process.  So, this little break came on the cusp of a moment in my life very similar to this same time last year.  Last spring I had just lost my Mother a few months earlier and had seen a play that forced me to take an even closer look at what I was doing with my life.  Here it is Spring 2016 and two other deaths have occurred in my family and I’ve seen another play that has forced me to take a pause and look at the life I am living.  The difference is that this year, I don’t feel as lost or in any deep despair, but I do wonder if there is something that suits me and fulfills the creative void in my 9-6?

“In preparing for battle I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable.” – Dwight Eisenhower

So, planning…ugh…planning.  You can’t plan your life out.  You can try, but I guarantee you it won’t turn out the way you thought.  But if you want to reach goals, you have to plan.  I have decided to create a list.  This list will be of what I feel are practical goals I want to reach in the next three years.  Since my last coaching call, the idea of where I would like to be in three years has changed, drastically.  I think these little epiphanies I have had over the last few months are cause to choose some new goals.  It is time to choose new goals that fit Ebony where she resides now.  There are some hopes and dreams I didn’t know I had that have arisen from my dreaming and scheming to create this business.  They are demanding their say and I’m thinking about letting them speak.

There’s a blog I like to read called, The Wild Space.  Rebekah, the woman who writes the blog, has a favorite phrase.  The phrase is, “Dreaming, scheming, always believing.”  Which is something I haven’t done in many years until my Mother passed away.  She did that for me.  I have fearfully taken the torch from her and am at a slow walk right now.  I’m not speed walking, jogging and most certainly not racing with it yet, but I hope to one day.  Maybe this is the beginning.

To The Revolution!