Non-White vs. Whites Only


Are We Going Forward or Backward?

Most everyone knows by now how my favorite show “Hamilton” is getting heat for posting an audition call for “non-white actors”.   So, I decided to post the above picture in my blog showing how things were just a little while ago.  But now, the picture above has a story.  So, I was looking for an image that captured the feeling of the first half of the 20th Century and before, when minorities where not allowed to be in the same places as white people.  But, something very disturbing happened when I found this picture…I needed to go to the URL in order to upload it into my post and I found that this photo was part of a message board filled with angry white people.  White people who are Pro-Trump but only if he will ensure that we go back to segregation.  I’m not going to post the link to the site in here because I don’t want to promote such terrible hatred, but believe me, this is true.  When I found it I was with two friends who didn’t believe me.  But I read them the posts and they were horrified and disturbed. It’s real.  It’s extremely naive to believe this type of  thought line and hatred is gone.  Hatred is impossible to kill in everyone.  Racism is still a very serious and real thing we are dealing with, it hasn’t gone away.  The only difference between now and when the above was posted is that we are living in an age of “subtle racism” as well as blatant.  This type of racism is so frightening because we don’t even realize it’s there.  If you don’t know that you have a problem, how can you fix it? 

I understand that some people might be angry about the Hamilton Casting Call.  I hear that you think we are segregating you from being able to participate in something amazing.  I hear that you feel that you are being left out of something wonderful and that you are being told you can’t participate because of the color of your skin.  I hear your cries for justice and your outrage at why someone would tell you “No” when you are just as good as anyone else.

Well, all I have to say is, welcome.  That’s my life.  It’s the life of all minorities and though I hear you, I wonder, will this make you finally hear us and pay attention?  Because all these producers where actually trying to do is give people who don’t get many chances a chance and you felt ostracized.  I bet that’s a new feeling for you, Huh?  Feel it.  Learn from it and be a better person because of it.

To The Revolution!