How To Be A Wizard: Professor Michelle Ward – Session 2: Part 3

When I Grow Up Coach

In this last portion of the interview with Michelle we will give you tools to move forward this year with your goals and dreams.  The only thing stopping you in 2017 is fear.  The choice is yours, succumb to fear or let this be the year you no longer allow it to be your excuse.

Action Plan

Ebony Vines: Since this is going to be posted in January, which is the period of time where every body is like ‘It’s a new year I have to make a new start.’ I’m sure a lot of people will be like, ‘This job that I have, I really need to get my shit together and figure out what I am doing with my life.’  Do you have anything specifically that you want to say to them?  Any specific advice or encouragement for people who are starting out the new year and want to make a leap to do something different and make a change.

Michelle Ward: Yes, I want them to know, and I’m glad you used that word “leap”.  Things don’t have to feel like you’re jumping off a cliff.  I don’t necessarily believe in the, “leap and then it will appear.”  I don’t think grown-ups do that very well and I don’t think they should do that.  So, I think that even if this isn’t the year that you quit your job, maybe it’s the year that you start planning to quit your job.

My two Creative Live classes that you can find under the programs button in my navigation are Create Your Dream Career and those are for people who know they want to make a transition, but don’t know what their thing is, start with that class. It’s less than one hundred dollars.  You’ll get everything that I work with my clients on. And by the end of that class you’ll be able to say, this is the thing that I want to be doing.

The next class I have is Ditch Your Day Job.  You don’t have to…it works best for people that know what they want to transition in to.  So, if you’re someone that doesn’t know and then you purchase that class you will still get something out of it, but it won’t be as good as if you know already what you’re going to be doing. And that’s just the step-by-step here are the things to consider, here’s the money stuff that you have to look at, here are the things that you need and by the end of that class you know the month and year that you should be able to quit your job. And you’ll have that action plan to go with it.

I can also say that, my birthday is the middle of January and last year I did this special birthday, “Make Me An Offer” thing that I basically said to people, hey I have more time in January than I thought to do sessions, I can’t take on longer term clients, but if you want to work with just make me an offer and I’ll tell you if it’s good or not. And take it or not take it. And I wound up being booked for three months because the offers were so great.  So, if you post it in the beginning of the month, they should go to my website so they can sign up for my newsletter so that they’ll get it. Otherwise, I don’t know when my birthday falls this year, but if it’s not on a weekend it should be on the 14th and I’ll keep it open for three days, make me an offer and the I’ll just pick the offers that I want to work on. So, that could be a great way to get some one-on-one attention if they want that sort of stuff.


Everyone Is Scared

E: Do you have any words of encouragement for people who are scared?

MW:  Everyone is scared.  That’s everybody.  I think that the hippy-dippy in me always wants to say, but the mindset piece is always the most important. If you’re sick of complaining about your job and you’re finally going to do something about it.  And believe me, I’ve known the people that are just happy to complain about their job for 40 years and they’re never going to do anything about it and that’s fine if you’re happy complaining about it.  But if you know that’s not you then just have a sliver of belief that you could do it, it’s possible.  If I’m the When I Grow Up Coach of all stupid shit do do and be and that I have six-figure business, you could go do whatever the Hell you want to do.  I went to a wedding that was catered by a pizza fire truck and I talk about that pizza fire truck and I talk about that pizza fire truck all the time.  And I looked at it and thought, I can’t ever tell anyone what to do with their career or anything because there’s a pizza firetruck catering this wedding with a photo-booth and a beer tap on it.  Anyone can do whatever the hell they want to do.  It was so successful that they went ahead and bought another fire truck to and do these events and whatever.  So, you can do whatever you want.  I’ve never worked with anyone who has found their what and couldn’t find their how, ever.  So, once you are clear with what you want to do, there are always ways to make it work.   They probably won’t be overnight, it won’t be anything instantaneous, you gotta work for it but it makes it even better and it builds an even stronger foundation than just saying I’m going to go do this thing, I’m going to quit my job tomorrow so I can go do this thing. Mmm, that’s probably not the best idea. So, give yourself that plan and you don’t have to leap off a cliff or off an airplane or anything like that.

E: Whenever anyone says to me and something really reasonable…I’ve had two people say to me, ‘I don’t know if I could make a living being a photographer?’ I’m like really, really.  I tell them about the mermaid woman.

MW: Yes! Yes!

E: I’m like listen, if a woman can be a mermaid for her work…

MW: (laughing) I didn’t work with her, that woman, but I wish I did.  I worked with someone she’s a coach and a teacher and her branding is all about being a mermaid, but she dresses as a mermaid.  But if there is someone who can be a mermaid.  Amen and Hallel…  There’s this movement where you could be a Cuddler. And people hire you to cuddle with them.

Nicole Norton: That’s amazing. I would like to cuddle with small animals.

MW: There are cat cafes. You could open a café and just have cats in it and you could charge eight dollars at the door and sell some tea and people come to pet cats.  So, you could do whatever the fuck you want to do.

E: You really can

N: Pizza. Fire. Truck

MW: Pizza fire truck, mermaid. Yeah, there was one guy and I think this is always so great,  I called him up.  He rented his torso. He had this business called, “I wear your shirt.” And he amassed such a large following that you as a business send him your t-shirt to wear and if you booked, January 1st you paid him a dollar, but if you booked him on December 31st you paid him three hundred and sixty-five dollars.  So, it got more expensive as the year went on.  But he would wear your shirt that day and do all this stuff on social media wearing your shirt. And that’s how he made money.  Then he hired a second person to wear your shirt and third person to wear your shirt. It’s and then he turned into a speaker and an author and a ….to promote your business.  It’s crazy, but so smart.  So, smart.

The End

So, now you have the tools.  What will you do with them?

To The Revolution!