How to Battle Stress: A Holiday Series – Week 1

Hi Friends,

This week’s post will be excerpts from the interviews given by our Wizards on how they deal with stress.  I hope that you can use some of the tools here to get you through the Holiday Season.

Changing Your Perspective

“I love yoga, that’s a huge thing for me.  Though I’m not doing as much of that as I wish I were, but what I have been doing is meditating every morning. Which I find to be invaluable.  I try to do it every morning and every night.  I definitely do it every morning. Sometimes I miss the evenings depending.  I find just to have a way of focusing in on the day and breathing and then closing the day down at night, I find that to be a really invaluable source of tension relief.   Because it’s really hard when you are trying to get things done. I find between that, yoga and walks. I also find sometimes now if I’m in my apartment working which I now work from home a lot, sometimes I have to just get out and walk, and it really changes things.  And sometimes I just have to walk for a few blocks, just to change my perspective.” – Gabra Zackman

Making Choices That Serve You

: This is fairly new but I have a journaling practice, I guess I should say.  I’ve been working with a Spiritual Life Coach, because this is who I am now.  When she and I started working together she gave me a bunch of prompts to answer every morning and every night for that first week or two worth of homework.  It was questions in the morning, “Describe your dream.”  Which is why I remember my dreams now because I wake up in the morning and it’s supposed to be the first thing that you do. That often doesn’t happen.  What did you dream about?  What do you think it’s trying to tell you? How do you feel? What are your thoughts? What are your intentions for the day?  Three things you are grateful for.  What fun and adventure are you going to have today? And what are the tasks for today?  And then at night: it’s going back to your feelings, your thoughts, three things your grateful for, who you’re forgiving, which is a big one for me it’s very hard. How the universe supported you that day, a loving thought for yourself the positive choices you made for that day.  Choices that served me and choices that didn’t serve me. So, I’m not super consistent.  I usually do them one or the other.  I rarely do AM and PM.  But I try when I wake up in the morning, before I get to my phone, any of that stuff I’m just like, “Answer these prompts.” Sometimes I”ll do yoga.  Sometimes I’ll do mediation.  And then at night I try to have the TV off by 10 or 10:30 and I try to do those journaling prompts or read a book and stay off my phone. – Michelle Ward