Always Defend the Tribe

“A tribe is a group of people connected to one another, connected to a leader, and connected to an idea. For millions of years, human beings have been part of one tribe or another. A group needs only two things to be a tribe: a shared interest and a way to communicate.”  – Seth Godin

Take Me To Your Leader

Last year I read the Seth Godin book Tribes.  I read Tribes while I was working on Ann Rea’s Creative Live class, Fulfill Your Creative Purpose.  For years I have been looking for and praying for a “Work Mentor” and a tribe of people to collaborate and create with. Friends, no matter how wonderful they may be, are not always meant to be Mentors and/or part of your Tribe. They may not always understand your vision and that’s okay. I have had to learn this the hard way.  I have Spiritual Mentors in my life that I call, “Spiritual Moms” and they all know who they are.  They are wonderful women who are very strong in their faith. Each one has walked with me through a  different stage of my life and have been there through some of the most difficult or biggest transitional moments in my life.  But, I always wanted someone who was doing work they loved and had a “work life” that I looked up to and would want to emulate.  It’s just now in my 30’s that I have begun to meet these types of women.  Women older than me or around my age who are doing creative work they love and find fulfilling, traveling and leaving time for building personal lives they can be proud of as well. And although I have been praying and looking for one for over ten years, I wonder if the reason I am just now finding women to look up to in this regard, is because I had an epiphany about how to change my life and what I really want.

Truth: I’m scared

Toward the end of my coaching sessions with Michelle, I started to get panicky.  I’d send her freaked out emails with memes of Sheldon from “The Big Bang Theory” breathing into paper bags and hyperventilating.  I am riddled with fear on certain days about whether this business plan will work.  I’m terrified that my life won’t change and I will never be the traveling creative woman I so desperately long to be. But I find comfort in knowing that these fears are all normal and that I am not alone.  All of the women I look up to have the same or similar fears.  But, let’s be real, being a Creative is terrifying.  When you put your work out there, you are putting out a little piece of your soul and if it gets rejected you feel like you are being rejected.  Although I have a lot of fears, I do feel that I’m way ahead of the other kids because listen…you guys Ebony has been rejected A LOT. Rejection, being ignored and not being seen for my true potential is MY LIFE! Being misunderstood is what started my journey last March.  So although it’s painful, I didn’t let my depression over take me, I ignored the misunderstanding, pulled up my big girl britches and got in touch with someone who did get me.  But here’s the thing, I still need that kick in the pants.  I’m still looking for someone who knows what it’s like to start out and be scared, but can tell me from experience what it’s like to be on the other side.

We Need You to Lead Us

So, here are a few problems I have run into so far: 1. I don’t have Facebook.  Many sites that have MasterMind Groups or groups for Solopreneurs are Private Facebook Groups.  I don’t have a Facebook page and since Facebook hasn’t figured out how to let me have a Business Only page without having a personal page, I’m not getting it.  If they figure that out, you all can let me know and then Facebook and I will talk.  2.  Most of the Mentoring sites are very “business-like”.  They all feature straight-laced, suit and tie individuals.  These sites are either antiquated or immediately boring for me to look at and I want nothing to do with them. 3. Starting my Business was a crap shoot.  If a very specific set of circumstances had not occurred, I would never have met my Business Bestie, Nicole, and be where I am now,  with hope. Not everyone gets that perfect storm to find their Nicole and I want to help people find theirs. So, I’ve decided to answer Seth Godin’s call.  If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.  I want a Tribe, so I’m going to start one.

On Sunday, March 13, 2016, Nicole and I will be hosting our first MeetUp.  This first meeting of Creative Solopreneurs and Entrepreneurs is part of a larger vision we are developing and one that I am very excited about!  Stay tuned for updates on the major resource we are creating for you; and if you are a Creative with a business, thinking of starting one or looking to mentor someone who is new to this adventure, join us on Sunday, March 13, 2016 at Communitea in Long Island City, NY to meet your tribe.

“The secret of leadership is simple: Do what you believe in. Paint a picture of the future. Go there. People will follow.”  – Seth Godin

To The Revolution!


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